Road & Bridges Construction

We handle the construction of roads as well as the expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads.


Building Constructions

We provide infrastructural works for both the public and private sectors.


Agricultural Equipment

We provide high quality farm machinery to increase productivity with minimal efforts.


Fishing Equipment

We also provide high quality equipment to facilitate the productive growth of the aquaculture industry.


Engineering Design & Services

We carryout exhaustive engineering designs for the oil & gas industry as well as steel fabrications.

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Altons Integrated Services Limited is an indigenous contractor firm majoring in
the following engineering works:- Building Construction, Landscaping, Water Installations,
Jetty Projects, Projects Designs, and Real Estate Projects.

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Road Construction

We ensure that all our road projects have appropriate surfaces suitable for the targeted traffic with optimum grip, maximum excellent service life, and driving comfort.

Building Construction

We have a record of completing numerous building projects across the country, including many complex, high tech, and breath-taking buildings.

Engineering Design

We have a reputation for delivering relevant and futuristic designs on all projects, ranging from commercial to specialized project developments.

Quality Plan

The plan basis logically displays quality actions and activities necessary to
achieve a specific level of quality. Detailed work procedures are outlined to
show clear, complete and up to date documented instructions on the
various aspects of our operations.

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